Storm over the dam of the Calamus Lake with two show calves watching.
Our family dog "Pixie"
Sunset in the Sandhills.
Our Donor cow "Skittles" getting some lovin' from Trevor.
"Prince Charming"
Welcome to The Nelson's
Brett with two heifer calves, giving them some attention...Can we say great disposition!
They get jealous of each other when one gets attention and the other don't!
The Nelson siblings at Kaci's wedding...L to R: Brett, Justin, Brody and Kaci
The Family at Trevor & Kaci's wedding..Errin & Brett, Justin, Trevor & Kaci, Brody and Joni & John
Beef....It's what's for dinner!

Join Nelson Herefords at the National Western Stock Show in Denver, January 7th-January 14th.  
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Stop by and visit us east of Burwell 14 miles and 4 miles north! 

Nelson Herefords is owned and operated by the entire Nelson crew: John & Joni, Justin and Sarah, Brett & Errin and Brody Nelson.  Both John & Joni grew up in central Nebraska and reside in the rural Burwell.  

Nelson Herefords was formally established in 1957 by Thead Nelson.  Thead had a commercial Hereford herd for many years prior to 1957. A few years later, Thead bought Floyd Tucker’s cow herd. John started to follow in his father Thead’s footsteps around the 1970’s when he bought some registered females from Claire Clements and Howard Bodyfield. 

Many bloodlines have been added over the years and we are now currently a horned and polled herd using the best genetics of both. Most of our herd is bred by the use of A.I. and E.T. is becoming a very extensively used program in our herd as well. We are using both of these programs to expand our herd and obtain all of the goals for us as well as our customers.

Genetically and phenotypically we are trying to produce cattle with well balanced traits, but still have eye appeal, sound feet and legs, and docile temperament that have the ability to produce great cattle for both worlds in the purebred and commercial industry. 

Thanks for your interest in Nelson Herefords and please feel free to stop by and take a look at what we have to offer or give us a call with any questions you may have.

Hope to see you soon,
The Nelson’s

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Nelson Herefords 
John & Joni, Justin & Sarah, Brett & Errin and Brody Nelson 
47966 Silver Road ~ Burwell, NE 68823

Home: (308) 346-5646 ~ John Cell: (308) 214-1272
Justin Cell: (308) 750-5288 ~ Brett Cell: (308) 214-0334